A full week of events for and by the JavaScript community in Berlin. Welcome.

  1. iceCSScream Fräulein Frost, Friedelstrasse 394:00pmOpen to all
  2. Decentralize.js Betahaus Café7:00pmTicket: RSVP
  3. Firebase Happy Hour Betahaus Arena6:00pmRSVP
  4. Up.front Co.up Coworkingspace7:30pmOpen to all
  5. AngularJS Meetup Workshops Location: bitcrowd office7:30pmRSVP: Register
  6. Eat, drink, be nerdy La Bonne FranquetteTime: 7pmRSVP
  7. JS Charity Coding Location: bitcrowd office10am - 6pmRSVP
  8. OpenTechSchool Web Frontend Co-Learning Location: co.up7:30pmRSVP: Please
  9. XMPP Summit 16 MediaWiki Berlin9:30amRegister at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_16
  10. Extensible Web Summit Beuth Uni9:00amTicket: Register
  11. Reject.JS RadialsystemTime: 10amTicket: Buy Ticket
  12. xmpp.js hackathon http://in-berlin.de9:30amOpen to all
  13. CSSconf EU RadialsystemTime: 10amTicket: Last minute Ticket available
  14. JS CodeRetreat ThoughtWorks Werkstatt9:30-17:00Hurry!
  15. Jugend Hackt Jugendhaus KönigstadtTime: 5pmSign Up: Closed
  16. Web Audio Hackday SoundCloud OfficeTime: 9:00amTicket: Sold out
  17. CSSclasses Co.up CoworkingspaceTime: 10amRSVP: Please register for free
  18. JSConf EU Day 1 RadialsystemTime: TBATicket: Sold out
  19. remoteStorage Hack Day 5apps Rebel Base12pmTicket: RSVP
  20. JSConf EU Day 2 RadialsystemTime: TBATicket: Sold out
  21. OpenTechSchool JavaScript for Beginners Location: co.upTime: 10:30amTicket: RSVP
  22. HH.js Meetup HamburgTime: 7pmTicket: RSVP
  23. NodeSchool Berlin Location: WikiMediaTime: 6pmTicket: Get free Ticket
  24. Relax.js Location: TBATime: TBATicket: Buy Ticket available soon
  25. Node.js Meetup Location: LieferheldTime: 7pmTicket: RSVP
  26. PhoneGap Day Location: TBATime: 9amEarly bird now available
  27. Bring Your Own Event